Contractors Quality Inspections is classified as a woman owned Texas business, fully certified, licensed and insured to do business worldwide.  We are a very aggressive company with a successful management team.  CQI offers our customers quality services at low cost, to economically benefit companies during vast changes in the market. Our company is guaranteed to meet every customer’s requirements and needs. CQI performs the highest quality inspections by using expert certified inspectors.


Contractors Quality Inspections has over twenty-four years of involvement in the oil and gas industry. We specialize in providing quality assurance and certified NDT technicians.


 A company’s integrity is shown in their work. Here at CQI, we offer high quality services at a low cost to economically benefit businesses who need to cut cost, not quality. Years of work-place experience and numerous encounters with customers, has proven to build the integrity and skill sets of the hard-working employees at CQI. In return, we will provide such attributes in our services to guarantee satisfaction in all aspects of our work. Our company is guaranteed to exceed all customer requirements and needs.


CQI performs the highest quality inspections by using highly skilled certified inspectors. Our safety technicians are certified by OSHA and NCCER to offer construction, general industrial, and health and safety. Our technical specialists take pride and responsibility in reviewing all the requirements of their assignments and any other related documents. It is the responsibility of our specialist to ensure that the required industry, client specification, and standards are being met. This includes relevant P.O.’s, drawings, specifications, revisions, tags, models, and all serial numbers referenced.


CQI offers pipe storage in the Houston, Texas and Louisiana area. Additional services are offered for inventory, expediting, cleaning threads and protectors, visual inspection, re-dope upon arrival and prior to shipment, pipe transportation, and hotshot.

CQI is taking service to a whole new level. We offer Quality Assurance Inspections and expediting services for our customers, while keeping quality at its best and expenses low.

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