Contractors Quality Inspections has the ability to inspect equipment needed.

• Subsea & Surface Wellheads


• Liner Hanger Equipment

• Refurbish Tools

• LACT Control Panels

• Subsea Production Control Systems

• Umbilical’s

• Air Cans

• Platforms

• Tie-back Connectors

• Upper & Lower Keel Joints

• Crossover Joints

• Subsea Production Manifolds

• TTR’s & SCR’s

• High Pressure Valves

• Titanium Equipment

• Downhole Completion Accessories

• Riser/Buoyancy

• BOP’s

• Burst Disc Joints

• ROV’s

• plus others as needed


Technical specialists are prohibited from using their own instruments, gauges or meters. These are to be provided by the supplier/vendor with a current calibration certificate.

Exclusions: specific client requirements exist or our scope of services include activities requiring specific equipment, i.e. AIM, NDT, and Surveying Services. Equipment may be utilized, provided that appropriate procedures exist for the proper purchase, operations, and maintenance of the equipment.

We want to be the customer’s eyes and ears for the future to come. It is our goal to meet all customer’s needs.

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